Why running Facebook Ads are important for small businesses?

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Are you a small business or brand looking to attain some goal related to your business?

Has your Social Media Marketing Strategy or Content Marketing Strategy stopped yielding results like before?

Are you not able to achieve your business goals now through organic traffic?

If you murmured YES then you are at the right place!

Facebook -The largest Social Network
Facebook -The largest social network

The harsh reality of Facebook today is that only about 1 out of 50 people who are already fans of your page will see any single post you make on your Facebook business page. Even Instagram which comes under the top 3 social networks for conducting Social Media Marketing for a brand has levelled down our expectations because of its constantly changing algorithm and lowered organic reach.


Don’t get upset ,I have a SOLUTION for you in these scenarios.

Firstly you need to set your eyes to have a shocking glance at these stats below :

1.Facebook has a total of 2.45 billion users on its platform globally.

2.India has the largest Facebook user base, followed by the USA at 190 million users.

3.About 80./. of American consumers make their purchases directly through Facebook Ads. So if it’s possible there, why not in the country which has the largest Facebook user base in the world.

Ad compaign of a brand
Ad compaign of brand AdEspresso

Facebook has a massive population indeed and you never know most of your target audience is hanging around there. So, it can be the best medium for catching their attention in the midst of them exploring their news feed and consuming the pieces of content they like.

You can advertise the products and services of your brand for capturing their attention towards your brand. Even small businesses that operate in their local area can target and attract their preferable local audience by running FB Ads campaigns and the reach gets quite higher with many leads being collected from their local area and local people getting accustomed to their products and services as the brand awareness also gets raised.

Facebook advertising
Facebook Ads

Main advantages of Facebook Ads

Most targeted form of advertising

Facebook Advertising is the most targeted form of advertising -The major advantage of Facebook is that it has the ability to reach the desired audience that you want to target. You have the option to target audiences on the basis of age, sex, language, location, interests and demographics very precisely. You also can create a Custom Audience out of your website visitors or out of your Instagram/Facebook Page, etc. You can even create a Lookalike Audience that can be similar to the audiences you already care about.

Custom Audiences for website visitors
Setting up Custom Audiences

The cheapest form of Advertising

It is the cheapest form of advertising where you can literally spend less than 100 rupees per day and still maximize your reach through the campaigns you run which are quite appropriate for SMBs with limited resources. You don’t need an extraordinary high budget for that. I bet there is no other paid advertising method for your business that involves a lesser investment than this one.

Increasing Brand Awareness

If you want to increase the awareness for your brand, then advertising on Facebook can greatly help in that objective. It’s really a great way to make people aware of your products and services and to make them familiar with the products and services you got to offer. You can get set to promote your brand’s unique identity in front of your target market through the brand awareness ad campaign.

FB Ads helps in increasing brand awareness
Brand Awareness Compaign

Instant Results

The biggest benefit is that you can instantly get to see the results as soon as you start running the campaign. You will be able to see the exact number of clicks, reach and impressions you are getting on your ad campaign. There are also many other metrics that you can analyze, test, and improve on while starting your next campaign or even improving on an existing one.

Helps in generating leads for business

Facebook advertising can add fuel to your email marketing efforts. You can utilize Facebook’s “lead ad” forms to capture email contacts through Facebook ads. You can also direct traffic to an external form on your website to build your email list.

Remarketing your Brand

Remarketing allows you to advertise to recent website visitors. This means that if someone visits your website, and does not purchase or contact you, you can re-engage them with Facebook advertising. This is a huge benefit that can dramatically boost your conversions and nourish the old audience in your sales funnel so that they can get converted into leads.

FB Remarketing
Facebook Remarketing

FB Ad campaigns are real-time

It is real time as it gives an overview of the ongoing compaign results immediately and if you are unsatisfied with those results , you can make some adjustments in your ongoing compaigns and expect improved results thereafter.

So, it provides a lot of scope for flexibility even at the ongoing campaign level which cannot happen in any traditional medium of advertising like TV Ads, Radio Ads, etc.

A Short Conclusion

Facebooks Ads actually seem to be the best way for a small brand or business for advertising its products and services online at a larger level, with a lot of flexibility and at a very limited budget per day. If you want to reach the right and ideal customer for your products and services, then surely it is the best medium to advertise your products and services. It’s the best way to help people find your business.

However, there requires good time and appropriate investment for the campaign to actually start bearing the great results that you are wishing for. So, just hire a Facebook Ads specialist who will keep a track of all that, run and analyze the results of the campaigns and make necessary changes in it for a better campaign performance at an optimized budget.

Read a good informative article related to this topic from YourStory here .

Traffic and conversion compaigns results
Results of the traffic and conversion compaigns I ran for 2 days

P.S. You can contact me for setting up and running FB Ad campaigns for your small business or brand by clicking here

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