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I know you are all so keen on in becoming like your above role models and keep admiring them for their best entrepreneurship abilities and also for the personal brand they have been building right from scratch to the awfully greatest personal brands they are today.

CHILL, you can one day take that position amongst them and you will have the future young minds talking about the wonders you did in this world.

By the way do you know all entrepreneurs are illustrious and deep marketers ?

The way they created their global presence and admirability by building everlasting connections with their customers through all way captivating marketing techniques and building a high evolving personal brand around the globe is like so enthralling . They believe in :


So, their focal point was around the customers and their ultimate satisfaction and well being .Such an objective could be attained by a thirst to address the problems of our customers by creating a fine product and perform some trending marketing strategies to finally reach out to them with our product which can in return make them smile widely.

You just need to become like an angel who magically solves their problems !

So, here I am going to brief out to you on how you can grow your product in the minds of your audience through the latest marketing hacks and techniques to grow your business.

But, what is MARKETING?

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”Marketing is about sending the right message ,to the right person, at the right time.”

Now ,the two basic things as to the right message and to the right person are obviously decided before creating a product .You may have heard that marketing commences after the end of the manufacturing function but before creating a product you must have analyzed your audience and their minds as to the kind of product they may need or of which they may a future desire .

AIM OF MARKETING-”To know and understand the customers so well that the product or service fits their mind and sells itself

So,it actually starts before creating or manufacturing a product.

Marketing is also a means to achieve an end ,that end can be satisfaction of our consumers,high profits,to build our brand with a long-lasting image ,to capture a position in the minds of consumers or to make our existing customers happy and to make them customers for life.Marketing is never more important than the product itself as an amazing product sells itself.

The best channel of marketing a product can be word of mouth marketing which is marketing through our existing customers who become the brand ambassadors of our product after their satisfaction gets fulfilled though there are many other channels also like advertising , copywriting, email marketing,SEO,etc to gain the reach of your target audience towards your product.


Traditional Marketing is not that effective in today’s times as its more focus was on the product or service whereas modern marketing focuses on the customer. Many businesses are turning to newer and cheaper marketing techniques like those of digital and social media. The reason for this is that social media has become more accessible. It allows the ability to reach hundreds and thousands of users. It’s the place to be for any business.

However traditional methods such as TV adverts are still very powerful as India has TVs in 197 million homes. Like the John Lewis’s Christmas advert. Which still gains a great amount of impact via this method.

Radio has a reach to 65./.of the Indian population. Many people use radio as a constant companion in their cars, home, and even during work. An average Indian listens to the radio for more than one hour every day. Nowadays, busy teenagers prefer listening to the radio as it complements a fast lifestyle.

So, yes traditional marketing is still an eye-catcher to your audience but in order to break the ice Digital Marketing can be more catchy in many cases.


Personal Branding
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You may be thinking a brand is only of a company which is imbibed in the minds of the customers when they think of the origin or identity of your product but nowadays people feel that they cant relate to the product of a lifeless brand, instead they feel that they can connect more awfully with the product of a PERSONAL BRAND, who is a person closely linked to the product like Jeff Bezos for Amazon .

Personal branding is important in today’s economy because you are the most important selling point of your service/product and you need to beat ahead of the competition around you.

People trust people

If your personal branding is strong, you will have strangers telling everyone that you are the best of the best.

A Personal Brand is able to communicate vividly with its customers and is able to build much more confidence in them about the product they are going to buy from you.For example Mark Zuckerberg, the Co-founder of Facebook has built a strong personal brand in the minds of the youth which is not only through his social networking site Facebook but also through the evolution of his personal brand .

A Personal Brand is itself a brand ambassador for the companies they run.

You can do Personal banding by blogging out content in your specific niche or in the field of your designed product in order to attract more and more customers or via email marketing, public speaking like Varun Agarwal first generation entrepreneur in India who runs AlmaMater, an online store for personalized college merchandise, wrote a book “How I braved Anu Aunty and co-founded a million dollar company” on the basis of his experiences in running the company which went on to be a big runaway hit.

The next question that arises is how to evolve your personal brand ?

So, the answer to your ‘how’ is that it is a step by step process or you can say its a connecting chain or a circle as seen in the figure too

Mass Trust Blueprint for entrepreneurs
credits: Digital Deepak

LEARN– You need to learn and upgrade yourself with new skills through concepts,facts and procedures and remember all the concepts and facts related to it and practice the procedures

WORK– Put your learnings into practice .You need to practically perform all the learned skills through doing jobs related to the acquired skill,freelancing other businesses or via growing your own business or projects.

BLOG– Its the time now to informate others via writing content about what you have learned through your experiences from working practically .

CONSULT– Now you have earned a lot of experience through your work and blog ,so you can start consulting other entrepreneurs.

MENTOR- Youcan start mentoring people who want to gain expertise like you in your respective field.Also, it helps you to be confident enough and have a good grasp always over the skills you have learnt.

STARTUP- You can start your own startup agency and sell a relevant product after gaining a lot of trust ,confidence and experience.


CATT Marketing Funnel by Digital Deepak
credits: Digital Deepak

The concept standing behind is Wealth = n^CATT

where N stands for Niche- is your specific target area that you can serve very well and in which you have a lot of knowledge and expertise.You just need to be to the core in your one and only selected niche.

C stands for Content -Content is the core of Digital Marketing It can be in the form of your blog posts, videos, podcasts, live webinars , etc through which you create relevant and useful content specialized for your chosen niche in order to engage with your audience and also solve their problems.

A stands for Attention -You just can’t sit back by just creating various content in your niche . You also need to build customers and drive traffic towards the piece of content you created through SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, etc

T stands for Trust -You need that your audience trust you. So, build that trust through trip wires, marketing automation and retargeting.

T stands for Transaction- Finally convert your leads into your good customers and try to maintain customers for life.


As you can feel from the term ‘integrating’ itself that Integrated DigitaMarketing is the mingling or integration of the various fields of Digital Marketing like Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, etc. so that your integrated digital marketing compaign can be so much successful in the long run that you never would have thought which can multiply your efforts ,money and customers in an integrated way .

Like all the parts of a machine work in integration with each other to produce a fine product, such is the working of Integrated Digital Marketing.

Infact you can earn customers for life through this process.Many successful companies success secret lies in the heart of Integrated Digital Marketing and in the Evolution of Personal Brand. I must say that in the modern day marketing ,you need to have an expertise in the concepts and practice of CATT,Integrated Digital Marketing and Personal Branding.,without them you are less likely to gain the beautiful fruit in the long run.

You would get to hear more insights from me in detail about such modern hacks and practices of marketing in your onwards learning path of becoming a great entrepreneur.Till then keep flourishing your dreams and never stop dreaming and believing in yourself.


I would love to hear your feedback on this article below!


    Vaibhav bagla

    • October 22, 2020 at 4:26 am

    After reading this I really learnt alot about many things like how to evolve personal brand to sell the product , about the digital marketing and stats about the traditional marketing, about the CATT marketing framework. It really motivates me and helps me to become an good enterupeneur. Keep motivating and guiding us. Thank you.

      Unnati Gupta

      • October 22, 2020 at 11:28 am

      I am glad that its motivating you more on the path of becoming an all rounder entrepreneur in future..Thanks for reading n stay tuned for more motivation and guidance!

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